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Founded in 1980

he first state-level medical history society to have a website.  Our goal is to promote interest, research, and writing in medical history, and we are dedicated to the discussion and enjoyment of the history of medicine and allied fields.


Past Presidents


1980-82    Peter J. Guthorn, MD

1982-84    David L. Cowen, MA, LittD

1984-86    Francis P. Chinard, MD

1986-88    Vincent J. Cirillo, PhD

1988-90    Richard P. Wedeen, MD

1990-92    Robert L. Thompson, EdD

1992-94    Sandra W. Moss, MD

1994-96    William C. Campbell, PhD

1996-98    Murray Rosenberg, MD

1998-2000    Helen E. Sheehan, PhD

2000-02    Allen B. Weisse, MD

2002-04    Frederick C. Skvara, MD

2004-06    Daniel P. Greenfield, MD

2006-08    Alan J. Lippman, MD

2008-10    Karen Reeds, PhD

2010-12    Kenneth G. Swan, MD

2012-14    Michael Nevins, MD

2014-16    Steven Lomazow, MD

2016-18    Peter Carmel, MD

2018-19    Richard Marfuggi, MD

2019-22    Linda Whitfield-Spinner, DMH, LCSW

2022-       Robert Lahita, MD, PhD

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