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Founded in 1980

he first state-level medical history society to have a website.  Our goal is to promote interest, research, and writing in medical history, and we are dedicated to the discussion and enjoyment of the history of medicine and allied fields.


History of Sponsored Lectures

Morris H. Saffron Lectures (Spring Series)  - Biography of Morris H. Saffron, M.D.

1980   Genevieve Miller, PhD The control of smallpox in England and colonial America

1981    Lloyd Stevenson, MD The typhoid patient

1982    Harry Dowling, MD The history of city hospitals in the United States

1983    Whitfield Bell, Jr., PhD Some early medical societies

1984    Lester King, MD When did medicine become scientific?

1985    Gert Brieger Family practice, ancient and modern

1986    Ynez Viole O’Neill An unfinished scientific revolution: medieval anatomical studies

1987    Kenneth Ludmerer, MD American medical education: past, present, and future

1988    Regina Morantz-Sanchez, MD To humanize, not feminize: the future of the woman doctor in the US

1989    Gerald Geison, PhD Pasteur, Toux, and rabies: scientific and clinical perspective

1990    Barbara Bates, MD What shaped the tuberculosis sanitorium?

1991    David Cowen, MA, LittD Pharmacists and physicians: a hate-love relationship

1992    W. Bruce Fye, MD Medical book collecting and scholarship: past, present, and future

1993    Nancy Tomes, PhD Spreading the germ theory

1994    William Helfand, ScD Nineteenth century addiction cures

1995    Sherwin Nuland, MD As others see us: the artist looks at the doctor

1996    Gerald Grob, MD American psychiatry: past, present, and future

1997    J. Worth Estes, MD Life and death at sea in the age of sail

1998    John Parascondola, PhD Anchor and caduceus: the creation of the USPHS

1999    Michael Bliss, PhD What’s a doctor? How William Osler practiced medicine

2000    William Sharpe, MD Middleton Goldsmith and antisepsis, 1863

2001    Elizabeth Norman, PhD We band of angels: the untold stories of American nurses on Bataan

2002    Charles Rosenberg, PhD Contested boundaries: disease, deviance, and diagnosis

2003    Keith Wailoo, PhD The strange career of race and cancer in America

2004    Bert Hansen, PhD Medical history for the masses: heroes of medicine in children’s comic books

2005    Allen Weisse, MD Medical History Society of NJ: still alive at twenty-five

2006    Lloyd Moote, PhD and Dorothy Moote  The healing arts and caregivers during the great plague of London

2007    Lisa Gensel, MA The medical world of Benjamin Franklin

2008    Ann Wood Humphries, MS An enduring clarity: the life and work of Frank Netter, MD

2009    Charles S. Bryant, MD Gloria in absentia: Walter Reed and discovery of yellow fever transmission

2010    Sandra Longo and Debra Higgins  Snake Hill: buried but not forgotten

2011    Norman Medow, MD The eyes: what do we know, when did we know it, and who knew it first?

2012    Stephen Pemberton, PhD The bleeding disease: hemophilia and the unintended consequences of medical progress

2013    Lawrence Altman, MD Adventures of a medical journalist

2014    James Oleske, MD A historical perspective on perinatal HIV infection

2015    Barron Lerner, MD, PhD Father, doctor, role model: The Good Doctor: A Son’s Look at an Earlier Generation

2016    Norman Cantor, JD  Death and dying jurisprudence: forty years after the Karen Ann Quinlan decision

2017    Naomi Rogers, PhD Many memories of Sister Kenny: Polio and America’s Golden Age

2018    David Oshinsky, PhD Bellevue: Three centuries of medicine and mayhem at America’s most storied hospital

2019    Steven M. Marcus, MD Murder in the ICU: How the NJ Poison Information and Education System helped catch Charles Cullen, RN, serial killer

2020    David K. Randall    Black Death at the Golden Gate

2021    Jonathan Engel, PhD The Genesis of Private Health Insurance in the United States

Donald F. Kent Lectures (Fall Series, 2013-) - Biography of Donald F. Kent, M.D., PhD

2013    Ira Rezak, MD The anatomy and physiology of medical medals

2014    Bert Hansen, PhD Louis Pasteur and the fine arts in France

2015    James Tait Goodrich, MD Mad ramblings on book collecting and bibliomania

2016    Samuel H. Greenblatt, MD Clinical neurology, evolution, and Victorian brain science: an introduction to John Hughlings Jackson

2017    Kathleen M. Boozang, JD, LLM, Jack M. Sabatino, JAD, and John Jacobi, JD  Comparison and differences in the education and training of law students and medical students

2018    Randi Hutter Epstein, MD, MPH Growing up and growing pains: the history of human growth hormone

2019    Richard Veit, MD Fever! The history and archaeology of the Philadelphia Lazaretto: A precursor to Ellis Island

2020    (Cancelled, due to Covid-19 pandemic)

2021    William H. Frishman, MD The Health and Medical Care of the Presidents 1789-2020

2023    Paul Stepansky, PhD  The Historical and Ahistorical Nature of Medical Caring

MHSNJ Invited Lectures (1993-2012)

Society, Corporate, and Foundation Lectures (Fall Series 1993-2010)

1993    David Kohn, PhD Aesthetics and the making of Darwin’s theory

1994    Donald Blaufox, MD Latter day encounters with radium: changing concepts of radioactivity

1995    Ira Rutkow, MD American surgery and the Civil War: a time of revolution

1996    Susan Lederer, PhD Moving pictures: animal experimentation and the silver screen

1997    Renee Fox, PhD Experiment perilous: forty-five years as a participant observer

1998    Steven Peitzman, MD Student life in the golden age of the Women’s Medical College of Pennsylvania

1999    Margaret Marsh, PhD Thinkin’ of maybe havin’ a baby…when I’m 64

2000    Vincent Cirillo, PhD Photographing the unseen: the Spanish-American War and military radiology

2001    Alan Kraut, PhD Deadly deficiencies: Dr. Joseph Goldberger’s war on disease and deprivation

2002    Edward Mormon, PhD Race and racism in America: the view from a medical history library

2003    Karen Reeds, PhD Keeping well in New Sweden: diet, disease, and medical plants

2004   Elizabeth Fee, PhD So, what’s new in the past: some treasures from the NLM

2005   Mark Silverman, MD De Motu Cordis: the Lumelian Lecture of 1616 by William Harvey

2006   Jock Murray, MD The case of the Halifax explosion of 1917

2007   Janet Golden, PhD Message in a bottle: fetal alcohol syndrome

2008   Margaret Humphreys, MD, PhD Of pox and paradox: typhus and smallpox in the American Civil War

2009   David Rosner, PhD Toxic torts and retorts: trials and tribulations of a historian in the courtroom

2010   Cynthia Connolly, RN, PhD The tuberculosis preventorium in American life: 1909-1970

Friends of the Society Lectures (Fall Series, 2011-2012)

2011   Lisa Rosner, PhD The horrid and true story of the Burke and Hare anatomy murderers

2012   (Cancelled, due to Hurricane Sandy)

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