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Medical History Society of New Jersey

Welcome to the Members Only Section!

The members only section can be reached by logging in and hovering your mouse over the 'Member's Only' section on the header line.  From there, a drop-down will appear and will show you the following options:

Research Writers Group
This group is for people to post their questions about research and writing.  It's also a good place for those who have a connection to a peer reviewed journal to post about it or do a call for articles. 

Social Forum

This is a place for you to post about what projects your working on, what you would like to work on, topics that your passionate about, or things that you would like to get involved with, but don't know how.  You never know who someone knows, and it is a great place to get to know each other and share our resources. 

Speaker's Bureau
This is a resource that is still in process.  Until then, it's a great place for you to post who you are and what topics you like to speak on.  If you're looking for a speaker on a particular subject, scan the posts and see if someone matches what you're looking for.  

Volunteer Interest Form
Interested in volunteering with us?  Check out the list of places we're looking for volunteers.  Is what you want to do not on the list?  That's okay too!  Just fill out the form and email it to us at [insert email here].

The purpose of the members only section is to create a space for members to share their experiences, tell stories, and get advice on subjects that matter to you!  There are a few sections that have requests for information, but we want to hear (see?) what you have to say and take our lead from there.  

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