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Founded in 1980

he first state-level medical history society to have a website.  Our goal is to promote interest, research, and writing in medical history, and we are dedicated to the discussion and enjoyment of the history of medicine and allied fields.


                         Privacy/Cookies Policy for the Medical History Society of New Jersey

Name of organization: Medical History Society of New Jersey (MHSNJ)

Contact information:   Phone: (973) 972-7830   E-mail:

   The Medical History Society of New Jersey is a non-profit organization devoted entirely to academic pursuits. We are committed to a safe and secure experience for anyone who visits our website.  The small amount of demographic data and details of intra-organization financial transactions that we do collect and maintain are listed below.

Personal data

     For members, MHSNJ collects name, degree, home address, phone number(s), e-mail address and affiliation.

     For non-members, MHSNJ collects name, phone number(s), and e-mail address. 

     Credit card information is used but not retained after the time of registration for membership and/or for payment for special events like periodic dinner meetings. Personal data is retained on Wild Apricot, the cloud-based membership software used by MHSNJ, and is therefore available to Personify, the Toronto corporation which owns Wild Apricot (Personify/Wild Apricot has a separate Privacy Policy). Otherwise, the personal data noted above is not shared with 3rd party entities and is not used for any commercial purposes. The personal data collected is used primarily for communication within the organization: notification of meetings, dissemination of the newsletter, etc. It is also used for billing purposes and for recording all member financial transactions. 

     Personal data will be retained until such time as needed to fulfill the purposes and uses for which it was collected, as outlined in this Policy. If you request that we delete your personal data from our databases, please note we may still retain your personal data, as necessary, to comply with our legal obligations and regulatory requests, to resolve disputes, and to enforce our agreements. Personal data will be either corrected, if inaccurate, or expunged at any time by written e-mail request of a member or non-member, sent to

      We primarily use cookies that are essential to the smooth operation of this website (“essential cookies”). However, we do use YouTube to host our videos, and they use “non-essential cookies” (details available in YouTube’s/Google’s Cookies Policy) in the videos which are embedded in our website. In addition, Wild Apricot uses third-party cookies for billing and payment purposes.

     Material change to this Privacy/Cookies Policy will appear as an announcement on the society’s website home page and in the society’s newsletter.


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